So what's the difference?

Anatomically; 2 arms, 2 legs and a difference at all. So why is it a polo pro can do what he does and you perhaps can't...yet?

Polo is just like building a house - only when there is a solid foundation can you begin to construct the storeys on top. Big power shots are the roof of the house and you will never reach them if the foundation is weak and can't hold the growing structure.

90% of player problems are at their foundation. So stop accepting mediocre playing skills and be the best you can.

Come and enjoy (endure ?!) our famous 3 day BOOTCAMP course and make this the season you go up in handicap.

Dubai Polo Holiday - The Ultimate 3 Day Polo Bootcamp

Disclaimer: At DPA we strongly believe that injections of quality tuition plus thorough practice of an acutate technique get you results. It is for that reason that our sessions are physically intense and restricted to a maximum of an hour with breaks in between. In order to get the most from the bootcamp please ensure that prior to arrival you get yourself riding fit.

If you are looking for a bootcamp suitable for beginners to the sport please email us at for a tailered course.

Day 1

7:00am Welcome, registration and formalities.

7:15am Video Analysis

8.00am Video analysis results and theory with practice on PitchJunkie®-->core training mats.

8.30am Pure riding - core and foundation training

9:30-9:45am BREAK - Phew!

9:45am Everyone's favorite subject...Physics! Mallet physics and swing platform.

10:45am You slowly loose the will, as does Steve. We might let you use the pool to cool off!

12pm lunch If you're lucky. Pain is our signature dish! Remember; no pain, no gain, no game.

3:30pm Riding and rider efficiency - application of mallet and riding versatility.

4:30-4:45pm BREAK

4:45pm Combo Lesson - finding planes tuition and training.

Evening entertainment ...Apres polo asado or dinner sponsored by asprin and blister patches!

Day 2

6:30am Polo-lattes - Pilates for Polo

7:00am Riding lesson - balancing the swing and power creation

8.15am-8:15am BREAK

8.15amSwing dynamics and creating elastic. Balance test, smiley grid.

9:15am We keep going...until you damn well get it right!

12:00pm lunch Maybe. You still aren't quite there.

4pm Advanced riding - finding angled planes

5pm Practice training

Evening entertainment ...Apres polo cocktails

Day 3

6:30am Polo-lattes - Pilates for Polo

7:00am Practice training - stick and ball - which shots when and why

8.15am-8:15am BREAK

8.15amSet plays and tactical manoeuvring.

9:15am Ah ha! Is this progress we're seeing? Oh no, my mistake, let's do some more!!

12:00pm lunch We'll throw you a stale digestive biscuit.

4pm Combo lesson on improving skill sets followed by stick and ball practice

5:30pm Instructional Chukka

Graduation Dinner to celebrate surviving a course with Steve!


The Dubai Polo season runs from October to April. For the most up to date course dates: +971 50 887 9847

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